Grantee Spotlight: Cope Environmental Center

copeFor the past 20 years, Cope Environmental Center has been educating people of all ages – primarily children and young adults – about the positive impact of understanding and practicing environmental conservation and sustainability. CEC uses educational programs, community events, and public outreach to further its mission of community-wide environmental stewardship and promote the sustainable uses of the earth’s resources. Tours of a sustainability demonstration home, a community garden, monthly Toddler Times, school and summer programs, and over three miles of trails open to the public are among the many diverse educational resources CEC offers the community.

Each year, thousands of students visit Cope Environmental Center to deepen their understanding of the natural world through hands-on activities with our school programs both at the Center and in local classrooms. Combining classwork with outdoor experiences and environmental education, CEC breathes life into static images and concepts of textbooks for students, encouraging them to regain a sense of wonder in the natural world through exploring topics such as plant life cycles, biodiversity, water systems, conservation and sustainability. Through the generous support of the Stamm Koechlein Family Foundation, CEC has been able to close the gap between the cost of putting on school programs and the small fee we charge participating schools, making quality environmental education affordable and accessible to all.

SKF Foundation Board Thoughts:

I was very impressed with Cope Environmental when we visited. I love the nature walk through their property that points out all the different habitats. They were hosting outdoor classes with students while we were there. The students were conducting an experiment and were very engaged. You could feel the passion of the organization.
– Kathy Gage, SKF Foundation Boardmember

cope skull

Second graders from Rose Hamilton Elementary inspect a deer skull to learn how teeth adaptations are connected to diet.



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